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Real Estate

Our real estate practice represents regional and local developers, while also providing owner and community representation, from New York to Washington, DC. We currently manage up to 1M Sq. Ft. of commercial retail and office space throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

We supervise landlord-tenant matters and provide litigation support for commercial landlords and shopping center owners.

The firm offers a range of integrated commercial real estate services to clients with an emphasis on shopping centers, raw land development, and urban renewal or in-fill projects.

We serve as legal counsel to federal agencies, government sponsored entities and corporate/individual clients and remain engaged by agencies such as the U.S. Department of Treasury, under the Special Inspector General for Troubled Asset Relief Program, the State of Maryland, Office of the Attorney General and the Maryland Energy Administration, to help finance energy efficient measures statewide. The firm holds a GSA Schedule 520 -Professional Services Contract -SIN 520 1 (Financial Advisor), SIN 520 2 (Complex Transaction Specialist), and SIN 520 6 (Legal Advisor).

We have been appointed by elected representatives to oversee complex public-private partnerships and served as special counsel to the office of Research and Technology Applications at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where our attorneys structured complex joint ventures and technology exchanges to promote privatization of military technologies with national implications for the public benefit for more than a decade.

Redevelopment Project Concept Rendering

Redevelopment Project Concept Rendering

A brief summary of activities within the commercial real estate industry are noted below:

  • ​Currently: Legal & CRE Broker Activities: Manages up to 1M sq. ft. of retail/office space
  • 2012 – Current: CRE Financing Advisor: MEA and OAG, MD State
  • 2019: Presidential Liaison, Membership -CCIM Institute National
    l.Finance Committee President-Elect Liaison
    2. Strategic Planning Committee President-Elect Liaison
    3. Designation Committee President-Elect Liaison
    4. Marketing Committee President-Elect Liaison
    5. Professional Standards President-Elect Liaison
    6. International Committee President-Elect Liaison
  • 2018: Presidential Liaison, Membership – CCIM Institute
  • 2018: Chair, NAR Commercial Legislative and Regulatory Advisory Board
  • 2017: Vice Chair, NAR Commercial Legislative and Regulatory Advisory Board
  • 2017 – 2019: Member, CCIM Board of Directors (3 Year Appointment)
  • 2017: Member, CCIM Board of Directors – Mid-Atlantic Chapter (DC/MD/VA)
  • 2016: Member, Real Estate Roundtable, Real Estate Capital Advisory Committee
  • 2016:  RVP, CCIM Region 10 (DC, MD, VA, PA, Del., & NJ)
  • 2016: Chair, CCIM Government Affairs Committee on Commercial Real Estate
  • 2015: Immediate Past-President: CCIM Mid-Atlantic Chapter (DC/MD/VA)
  • 2013 – 2014: CRE Broker and Legal Counsel – PG County Redevelopment Authority
  • 2012 – 2014: CRE Consultant – M-NCPPC (Westphalia)
  • 2002 – 2014: Eco & Comm Dev Advisor – EBDI: Johns Hopkins Life Science Project
  • 2013: Chair, Prince George’s County COC Symposium and 22 Member Work Group
  • 2010 – 2011: Chair, Prince George’s County Equine Industry Task Force