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Welcome to Moore & Associates

Our website is a convenient way to introduce you to the firm and to thank you for considering our team now or whenever you have a need for legal counsel.


We welcome and honor each engagement with thorough and careful analysis and stand by our record of service as counsel to a diverse group of public and private sector clients during the past two decades. Our commitment is to meet the highest ethical and professional standards of care for our industry at all times. We value client input and resources over billable hours and long term relationships over abbreviated client engagements.


We pledge that every client deserves and receives a high degree of care and access to firm resources. Our commitment extends beyond business and institutional clients to our public interest and pro bono efforts to foster equal access and justice for all under the law. We define and measure success in part by our pledge to serve each client and the communities in which we do business with distinction and integrity.


We continuously strive to deliver exceptional counsel and guidance. Each attorney-client relationship is a unique opportunity to forge a new results-driven partnership for a particular business, project or transaction. We contribute strategic analysis, tactical guidance and practical solutions to meet the needs of each client in a complex society.

Please use the contact page to call or schedule a time to meet us in person.

My best regards,

K. Teya Moore